How And Who Can Immigrate To Canada – Can the Canada Visa be rejected ?

Canada Immigration serves a basic entity for the continued economic growth bringing people of different religion, customs, traditions, rituals and culture to the forefront. Many programs are upgraded by many Canadian federals to make sure that immigration to Canada is a success for both the newcomers as well as for the people living in Canada.
Canada immigration

Canada immigration

      Certain queries that arise while starting the Immigration process are as follows:
1. What are the different immigration options available?
Immigration to a certain country can take place due to the economic and political factors, family re-unification etc. There are certain other Canada immigration options that allow you to embrace a better future in a country like Canada. Few of them are as follows:
·       The government of Canada grants permanent residence (PR) to the economic class that includes professionals, skilled-workers etc.
·       Canada accepts close to 8000 business applicants and provide permanent residence to nearly 25,000 immigrants.
·       Some people migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. This program is a quota-based and is limited to only 3000 applicants annually.
·       Canadian citizens can sponsor their other family members to become Canadian Permanent residence.
2. How to start the immigration process?
You can take a look at the following steps to start the process of Canada Immigration:
·       Figure out which Immigration category you want to apply for
·       Ensure that you are eligible to immigrate to Canada
·       Follow the immigration advisor
3. Can the Canada Visa be rejected?
Every person, except few are interviewed before they apply for the Visa. The information is then reviewed thoroughly and the application is selected or rejected on the basis of the information provided by the applicant and the laws set up by the Canada federal.
      The Canada visa rejection can take place due to the following reasons:
·       Insufficient documents.
·       If the applicant has a bitter past, i.e. he/she is involved in drug or criminal activities, he/she will not be eligible for applying visa.
·       If the applicant did not demonstrate proof of adequate financial support
·       Misinterpreted a material fact or committing fraud to attempt to receive a visa can also cause Canada visa refusal.
4. Can we reapply after Canada Visa Rejection?
After you are found ineligible for Visa, you can reapply for Visa in future. With exceptions of few Canada Visa refusals, you must submit a new visa application and pay the fee again. The applicant must be able to present evidence of significant changes in circumstances since the last application applied.
5. Who qualifies for Canada Immigration Visa?
An applicant who has studied/worked in Canada, business people and people belonging to the Economic immigration category usually qualify for the Canada Immigration visa. An applicant can check for his/her eligibility by filling few online assessment forms which are evaluated without any charge.
6. What are the necessary documents to begin the Canada Immigration process?
The documents must include:
·       Birth certificates
·       Educational certificates
·       Marriage and divorce certificates(if any)
·       Passport
·       Police certificates
·       Employment reference letter

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